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The days of arriving at the beach with your board all dinged up after sliding around in the back of your mates Kombi are long gone. No more onion rings, dents or creases from loose surfboards banging back and forth in the back of your old man’s ute, as he takes you down to the local bank.

Board Bags – Save Surfboards

The modern surfboard bag has come a long way from the “crinkle cut” board socks from the late 70’s and yes they are still alive and kicking if you need to travel light and don’t need the full protection for your board from a more substantial board bag.

Today’s high tech designs make your surf travels a lot safer for your boards. Whether you are traveling on the plane to an exotic Mentawi destination and want to make sure your favorite quiver arrive all in one piece, you are going to want to take with you an FCS board bag that is going to protect your surfboard from dents, dings, onion rings (do they still exist? heck I don’t know but if they did – you will be protected).

FCS Quality Construction – Travel Covers

The top reason for chosing FCS board bags, surfboard covers and travel bags is the high level of quality materials and inclusions – making them the obvious first choice when your aim is to maintain your boards in the best condition and prevent unnecessary damage during travel and transportation.

    • Padding -10mm: the dual density padding provides protection from impact.
    • Polyester – Heavy Duty – Skin: get added protection with the heavy duty top layer .
    • Rail Protection – Tough: rail damage is reduced with a tough layer along the zipper path.
    • Coffin Wall – Contoured: additional strength that matches the boards rocker.
    • Comfortable Shoulder Padding: get the ultimate in ergonomic comfort and support.
    • Zippers – Marine Quality:  zipper built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing – all marine quality.

Additional Features

Another great reason to be picking and packing with these great covers are the following list of convenient and additional features and fittings. Surfboard protection is a must if you wish to travel and surf with comfort and ease and the reassurance of arriving safely with your boards in tact.

Just see what else these surfboard bags have as standard included features – (not available on all models)

  • Cooler Airflow: help to reduce heat, moisture and keep internal pockets dry.
  • Strap & Internal Separation Layer: keep boards from dinging each other during transport.
  • Storage Compartment: store wax, legropes, tie downs and fin sets easily and securely.
  • Tie Down Straps – FCS: included in every board bag a set of premium FCS straps for your car top travel.
  • Extra Lite – Cover: you get an extra single board cover included with some models.

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