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One of the most annoying things about surfboards, is their lack of durability. They are so easy to ding or break and this can be heart breaking especially if either of things happens to a new surfboard and actually intensifies the younger you are. There is nothing worse in surfing, than to have the unfortunate fate of a snapped board in the inaugural first surf. This happened to a friend of mine once, in fact it was one of my surfboards that I had made him and he snapped in clean in two in the very first surf. He came back to see if I could make him a new one for free. I could feel for him but unfortunately the user is responsible for what they do with the product.

Needless to say he was not impressed and he never ordered another surfboard from me again. Oh well maybe things would have worked out differently with today’s modern surfboard materials being a lot stronger than they were back in the late 70’s when I was a young shaper.

Ding Repair Kits

Gone are the days of messy chemicals like hardner or acetone with the introduction of the Solarez – UV activated curable polyester resin – also available for epoxy surfboards as well.
Now it is easy to just take out your ding repair kit and within a matter of minutes you can have your board back together again.

On a recent surf trip I was able to repair a broken surfboard nose with the Solarez product and this saved the day for my young son who was having his first surf on the board in the Mentawi islands at the Marcaronis surf spot – awesome left hander.

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