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Since the advent of the modern short board surfboard, the ability to travel with your surfing equipment has been very possible. One of the first things a young surfer will do is venture beyond their local break, that is as long as they are lucky enough to have a local break and not live miles from the coast like I did as a young surfer, is load up the board on the family car and go for the very first surf trip.

Back in the day, you would buy a set of roof racks that would pretty much destroy the gutter railings on your car, thanks to their non user friendly clamps that would bind themselves with rust eventually to the runners of your car. Now this hassle has vanished completely with the invention of the soft rack. With this non permanent fixture able to be moved from car to car, you not only have a user friendly, car safe method of transporting your surfboard, but you also have a convenient way of taking your soft racks with you from car to car.

Soft Surfboard Racks – Surf-craft Transport With Ease

Now days, the soft rack is a super easy way to tie surfboards to the roof of your car, so that there is no damage, owing to the fact that they are made from nlyon strapping and foam filled pads. Any traveling surfer knows how difficult it can be to find a good ride or taxi when on the road, so it makes perfect sense to take along with you some soft racks when you are planning a surf trip. Whether you are just going up or down the coast, loading in some soft racks is going ensure you always have a way to hitch a ride with a stranger who would otherwise say they can’t help you with that thing – (pointing at your surfboard).

Rope Just Won’t Cut It

I distinctly remember the very first time my surfboard came off the roof of the car, when my good neighbour who had kindly decided to take us kids to the beach, had tied the boards on with rope. Uh uh – no way is that going to hold I thought to myself. My friend’s dad had used none stretchy rope to tie down about 4 surfboards and with the good bluster of the hot nor’wester blowing, it was not long before the inevitable bang was heard.

Turning around in a flash, I just caught the fluttering, wavering, sailing surfboard disappearing into the distance behind the car as other cars dodged it in traffic. Needless to say the board needed repair as it was dinged up with a broken tail. How distressing it was to see my pride and joy Morning Star surfboard all beat up and definitely not in action for the days surfing.

This type of thing is something from the long gone past and not likely to eventuate, unless you don’t have a set of quality surfboard racks and chose to go with rope. Or it could be that you are still using occy straps – I actually had a foray into inventing the modern day occy strap, it was called Rapcord and was made from car friendly, eye friendly materials. Well all that is water under the bridge now, as the modern soft rack is really a no brainer. You have good strong materials, vinyl straps, soft foam padding and secure way of keeping board and car together. So don’t forget to tie your board down properly, or in some cases at all. I know this is something that many of us have been guilty of doing.

In fact I remember a friend of mine coming up to me in my car when I stopped at a roundabout, to inform me that about 1.5 k’s back, my board had flown off the roof of my car. He had seen the whole thing and stopped to pick it up, not realising who’s board it was. He followed me in his car and finally caught up to me and broke the news.

I was very happy to find my board was not damage too badly, and made sure to never use tie downs like that as well ever again.

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