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Tie downs for surfboard transport, have come a very long way since the humble beginnings of the occy strap. Those wretched elastically charged eye destroying devices that were once used on car roof racks have long since been replaced with a smarter solution.

Enter The Surfboard Tie Down Strap

Modern tie downs are made from strong nylon woven mesh strapping and equipped with either high density (strong) injection molded glass reinforced nylon or alloy metal clipping devices, making them the first choice in secure roof top surfboard transport. If you are not using soft racks, which are a temporary or transferable method for securing surfboards on car or vehicle roof tops for transportation, you will probably at some point require the services of a roof rack securing mechanism, to properly and securely tie down your load.

Forget The Dangerous Occy Strap

The thing that makes them safer than its predecessor, is the fact that they are using a tightening effect of the wrench to secure the load properly, instead of relying on an elastic strap to do the restricting.

Surfboard tie downs come in many different shapes and sizes and are based on the load requirements which depends on the size and weight of the surfboard you are carrying. For example you are going to need a strong, durable tie down if you are moving a stand up paddle board (SUP) and if you are only taking your son or daughter down to the local break to catch a couple of waves after or before school, then a light weight carrier tie down would be enough.

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